Thursday, 12 June 2008

Three of a kind

Today I wanted to draw together some information about our local Strategic Health Authority. I hoped to open with a snappy analogy to explain exactly how and where the SHA sits - between the Department of Health and individual trusts, commissioning but not providing services, providing strategic leadership, considering finance.

However, try as I might I cannot find a good analogy for the NHS and its different layers and functions, so we'll go straight to the SHA and let it speak for itself, as it were.

The SHA has existed for almost two years, being established on 1st July 2006. It describes itself as "the regional headquarters of the NHS". The current SHA strategy, "Towards the Best, Together" is out for consultation now. There are also various consultations on local services and what they should include.

The SHA website is part of a triumvirate of lookalike websites. The second is the website of the East of England Multi-Professional Deanery. Deaneries used to oversee eduction for doctors and dentists, but have now expanded their remit. There are sections on the website for AHPs and Healthcare Scientists. The deanery is also concerned with workforce development.

The final strand of this online trio is Leadership and Talent Management. This strand focuses on developing leaders and on succession planning. Their document library covers everything from Action Learning to happiness.

Each of the three sites can be reached from the home page of the others. It's a clear indication that, however things work, strategic planning, delivery of services, education and training for staff, and leadership and workforce planning go hand in hand.

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