Wednesday, 18 June 2008

A brief history of books in libraries

Prehistory. Ugh?

Ancient and Classical world. Scrolls? Yes. Are you a member?

Mediaeval. Book? Yes - over there, chained to the wall. Wash you hands before you look at it.

1439. Books? Yes - piles, thanks to that Gutenberg chap. What's that? You can't read? Oh well, never mind. Mass literacy will be upon us one day.

1700 - 1900s. Books? Certainly sir. Why not take one home with you to read it there? This is a modern circulating library, after all.

21st Century. Books? Books? Bless you, no, madam, this is a LIBRARY! Computers that way, CDs and DVDs that way, children's entertainment upstairs, cafe in the basement. Have you had a look at the art exhibition? Knit your own community classes start in 5 minutes in the foyer.

2008. Click, tap, tap, tap, click. Aha!

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