Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Change is the only constant

Yesterday when I got home the sun was out, the sky was blue. I stood in the garden, admiring some saxifrages I had just planted. My husband was cooking dinner - which included the always cheerful sound of a cork being pulled - birds sang, and next door's cat came to say hello. I stood there and thought - why can't life always be like this?

The thing is that life goes on a bit - day in and day out for (hopefully) three score years and ten, and a little variety keeps us going. Which brings me neatly on to the various changes cropping up at the moment.

First up - Search 2.0. I've mentioned it before, it has now been released. If you recall it's the one stop shop for searching on the National Library for Health. It's new, it's an IT thing and it's the NHS, so can you guess what I'm going to say next? That's right - it has a few teething problems (most pressingly the nice red search 2.0 logo on the home page leads to a blank page...) But try it (you'll need to sign in with Athens first). Oh, and did I say Search 2.0? Because that's another change - it's now called NLH 2.0. The old Dialog Datastar search is still working for a couple of months, or you can go through PubMed, remembering to tell it you're with the NHS so you get your full text links.

Another NLH change is Hitting the Headlines. This was the handy service that looked at health stories in the news, identified the research behind them, and considered how well the news story had represented the facts. This service no longer exists, although the "archive" (library speak for "old stuff") is still available, hidden away under "News and RSS".

Hitting the Headlines has been replaced by Behind the Headlines, from NHS Choices. I've not had a good look at this service yet, but I note that it seems to cover more stories than Hitting the Headlines. I'm pleased to see it's available as RSS . I'll be adding the feed to my newsreader and posting useful items on the current awareness page.

I've also noticed that while I was away the BBC tweaked the look of their news pages, which is in addition to their rather nice home page, which can be customised.

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