Thursday, 1 November 2007

Best of both worlds

I understand that some of you prefer PubMed to Dialog via Athens. Fair enough. However, why not have the best of both worlds? If you sign yourself up for a “MyNCBI” account you can ensure that when you search anything you have full text access to via the NHS is flagged up.

Here’s how. Go to PubMed and set up a MyNCBI account – just register a username and password, a memorable fact and copy some letters into a box. It takes a couple of minutes.

Once registered you need to set up a filter. So, log into your MyNCBI account, select "Filters (including LinkOut)" from the left hand menu. Click on the “PubMed” link. Select the “Browse” tab. Click on “libraries”. Now scroll down, down, down until you find “NHS Core Content”. (It’s in the middle of the N section, not at the start as you might expect for an abbreviation….) Found it? Click on it!

Now select "Add a result tab for all items that match this category". Now when you search you’ll get a separate tab to show the results where your Athens password will get you free full text access.

The other ways of getting this same service is to go to PubMed via the link on the National Library for Health.

Of course, this system wont show you which journals we hold in the library. Don't forget that any paper can be requested from us - use the "request a paper" link on the quick links page of the library website.

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