Monday, 9 June 2008

What are you looking for?

A reminder for those of you who use Dialog for searching that it is shortly to be withdrawn. We suggest you use the new NLH Search 2.0 instead.

Do I hear you say "PubMed"? Feel free, but don't forget that PubMed is just Medline - you'll be missing out on Cinahl, EMBASE and Psychinfo. What's that at the back? Oh - you use Google. Again - fine. I use it myself and we're here to offer useful suggestions, not to run a library dictatorship.... Try Google advanced searching, Google Scholar and the advanced scholar.

Any other options? Well, you could always try asking a librarian to search for you. It's a free service.

Oh - and a final word to the Google addicts. You are sitting in an aeroplane and you hear the following: "Ladies and Gentlemen, good afternoon. This is your captain speaking. We have an unexplained fault in our engines. However, the Chief Engineer is looking it up on Google and hopes to get it all fixed soon." How do you feel about that? Maybe a phone call to your lawyer. "What are your rights in case of mid Atlantic air failure? One moment - I'll just need to Google that before I can give you can answer..."

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