Thursday, 17 April 2008

Child's play

Men or women, we were all children once. There are lots of resources relevant to child health/paediatrics. Here is a taster.

Lining up the usual suspects, we have a NLH Specialist Library for Child Health while the BBC has sections on children, babies and teenagers. Their parenting section covers everything from breastfeeding to father's rights, from the terrible twos to speech development.

There's a (rather unattractive) website called "Your child's health" from the Wirral University Trust. The king of child health is, of course, the Great Ormond Street hospital, and they have a range of resources. There is the rather serious-looking centre for evidence-based child health, factsheets for parents and children, and a glossary of terms.

Dial - the paediatric medicine information advisory line - has a journal watch section, with monthly updates. NEJM's Journal Watch has a paediatric and adolescent medicine section. Nothing on our own current awareness page. Want it? Ask me for it!!

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health is a resource for professionals in this area. The GMC offers guidance to all doctors on dealing with people between 0 and 18.

For GPs there is the online GP notebook with a dedicated section on paediatrics and the BMJ runs a masterclass on women's and child health for GPs.

Cancer Backup and Cancer Research UK both have information on childhood cancers. Charity CLIC Sargent has information, and a helpline.

There is a National Service Framework covering children's services. The government site Every Child Matters covers policy for children's services.

The library stocks books on paediatrics, child development, child protection and child mental health.

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