Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Anything you can do

Men and women are not so different in many ways. Men can have breast cancer, suffer from eating disorders and menopause, and enjoy being actively involved in the birth of their children.

Men also have huge amounts of health information resources dedicated to them. As ever the BBC and Medline Plus offer a range of good general resources. Bandolier has a page gathering together resources (heavily slanted towards sexual health issues).

Malehealth addresses chaps as one bloke to another, but comes from the very serious Male Health Forum, which focuses on health policy. MIND has a section devoted to men's mental health. The Fatherhood Institute has research on fathers and fatherhood.
Prostate Cancer has its own cancer charities - The Prostate Cancer Charity and the Americsan Prostate Cancer Foundation. Otherwise the usual suspects (Cancerbackup, Cancer Research UK) cover male cancers.

Gay men have their own health issues, and there are organisations to support them.

Poor chaps - in some ways they are missing out. There is no section on Journal Watch dedicated to men's health, nor can I find any medical librarians blogging on the topic. NLH doesn't have a Specialist Library on male health, and there is nothing on our own current awareness service specific to men, other than the prostate cancer section.

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