Thursday, 21 February 2008

A brand new look

The Department of Health website has had a makeover. It has brightened itself up with a splash of purple to go with the green and white, so is now resplendent in the colours of the All England Lawn Tennis Club or perhaps those of the women's suffrage movement. The various boxes that appear on each page have softly curving corners. For those fond of "before and after" pictures there is a full set of snaps of the website in all its former incarnations.

The makeover is more than skin deep. There's a nice clear, obvious link to NHS Choices and NHS Direct for patients. There are separate sections for health care, social care and public health. A new section called "managing your organisation" has everything for the manager from finance and estates to equality and leadership.

The publications section looks pretty much as before and still assumes that you know that the item you are looking for is a circular, letter, bulletin or news release.

I'm not sure if this is new, but I tried searching yesterday for Standards for Better Health. As ever I found it faster via Google (search for "standards for better health" A standard search on the site left me with 500 results - the actual document I wanted coming up third on the list. When I tried again putting quote marks round the words I got just 32 hits, with the paper I wanted appearing on the top of the list. I also got (and this is new) the option to limit my results to news items, consultation, guidance etc.

Don't forget that if you are an Anglia Ruskin student nurse looking for basic DH publications on your reading lists you'll find them all on this library's website.

Consultations, statistics and FOI have their own sections with links from the home page, and National Service Frameworks have their own section under "health care".

In case you are wondering about the picture...I've failed to find anything that encapsulates new looks, makeovers or beauty treatments, and ended up searching for "catwalk." I thought this little cat was somewhat cuter than any of the models in frocks!

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