Wednesday, 30 January 2008

What's the magic word?

It's a pain, isn't it? You sit down of an evening, or a Sunday afternoon, thinking you'll do a literature search to find some papers to keep you up to date, support patient care, help with writing that essay or guideline. You're all settled, cup of tea by your side, maybe a chocolate biscuit or two. You go to the website and you think OH NO!!! I've forgotten my Athens password! Who you gonna call? Well, the library staff aren't that means you just have to do something else, wait until the library opens, call, get a new password...and by then you've probably gone off the whole idea.

Fret not - there is another way. You can now go to My Athens, click on the "login help" link below where you would enter your username and password, click on "reset your Athens Password" under "forgotten passwords" then enter your username and email address.

Your username is the one that starts nhs, includes your initial and surname, and ends with some numbers. If you've forgotten that then you will need to contact us for a reminder.

The email is the one you put on the form when you registered. This is the address to which an email will be sent with instructions for changing your password. It will not work, therefore, if you registered with an email address that you have since abandoned. Nor will it work if you were sloppy in your typing of the email address, or if you typed in the wrong address. I've seen various versions of Essex Rivers email addresses -,,, essa.essexrivers...and that's without the typing errors, the last name before the first name, first name appearing as an initial only... If you work for Essex Rivers your email looks like this -

If your email address is correct you will be emailed a link and be able to submit a new password. If you think your email address may be wrong then go to My Athens , click on My Account and fill in the boxes to change your email address. Go on - do it now, before you forget your password!

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