Wednesday, 9 January 2008

The book drop box is shut!

From time to time people stagger into the library, clutching books which they drop on the counter, saying "I tried to put these in the book drop box, but it's locked."

And they're right - it is locked. It gets unlocked just before we leave and we lock it again when we come in. Why do we do that?

Useful as the box is books tend to come out looking bashed and tattered. We like our books to look shiny and new. To limit the damage we'd rather they came upstairs to us.

We charge fines. Some of you hope that if you drop the books in the box we wont notice they are overdue. Librarians notice everything - and we keep notes. If you come on up and pay your debts immediately you get to leave with a clear conscience (and an empty wallet - but that's not our problem!)

From time to time you change your phone number or your email address and forget to tell us. Then you ask us for something and when we try to contact you we can't get hold of you. So if you come in we can hand over that paper you requested.

We like to see you! We're friendly folk in the library and we like to see people. Sometimes we might want to say something that didn't seem worth a phone call. We might want to point out a new book on the shelves or ask if you've seen a new website. We just like to say hello.

Apparently exercise is good for you. So go on - walk up the stairs! The book drop box is locked!

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