Monday, 14 January 2008


Suddenly there are a number of issues I'd like to post about. Rather than blather on at length about all three here's a quick posting on other places to visit in the blogosphere.

The Lancet has a blog looking at a range of health issues, from online early release of papers to press conferences. (Did you know - a listing on a blog of other recommended blogs is known as a blogroll.)

Blogs I've previously mentioned here are the Food Standards Agency blog and Ben Goldacre's entertaining and though provoking Bad Science blog. Intute has a health and life sciences blog and the BMJ has a rash of bloggers.

Blogs are online journals, diaries, ramblings, rantings and ravings. They might amuse, annoy, inform or mislead. One way to keep track of a number of different blogs is to subscribe to an RSS feed from the blog, where available. You can then set up a feed reader, such as Google Reader, subscribe through Internet Explorer if you have version 7.0, or use iGoogle and keep everything on your internet home page.

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