Monday, 31 December 2007

Ditch the detox

If you are preparing to survive on nothing but green tea and cold showers for the next couple of weeks, think again. Andrew Wrang of the FSA says we needn't bother as our livers can detox our bodies without help.

Mr Wrang makes his comments on his Food Standards Agency blog, which is full of snippets of news on the food we eat.

Mr Wrang's blog has links to the Sense About Science pages, which looks at some of the facts behind the Shock! Horror! headlines of health news stories.

Other resources to combat the hype include the National Library for Health's Hitting the Headlines service and Ben Goldacre's Bad Science blog.

Naturally, the best cure for overindulgence in fake news, hype and scaremongering is good clean news from reliable sources. May we suggest a small dose of your nearest NHS library, to be taken regularly.

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