Friday, 7 September 2007


Severalls (the old mental hopital site rather than the local business park) has long been home to a small outpost of Anglia Ruskin University's library. That library closed this summer. A chunk of its book stock has come down to us.

The main impact of this is that my office is full of books to catalogue, the store cupboard is full of books to catalogue and the library shelves are filled to bursting point. You will therefore see me about the library in the days to come shifting journals and books around to make more room for books.

Most of the books are aimed at nursing students and staff, but many are of more general interest (titles from the ABC, Lecture Notes and At a Glance series, books on management, communication, ethics and law.)

The other impact will be (I hope!) more student nurses visiting the library. Welcome to them. I am sure current users will welcome them too, and be understanding if study spaces and computers are in high demand. Don't forget that you can always book a PC in advance to ensure you'll be able to find one free when you need it.

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