Friday, 26 January 2007

Print, copy, pay

For some time we've been running a two tier system of charges. All copying has to be paid for. Some printing (search results or papers) is free the rest (CVs, job applications, essays) incurs charges. We've decided to change that.

The current system causes some unfairness - if the journal is in the library it costs to copy it - if it's online it's free to print. Some unfairness will continue - there is no mechanism to charge printing to departments as there is with copying. We hope eventually to have a combined copier/printer with one charging system to iron these anomalies out.

The other reason for charging for printing is to encourage you to use the copier which is cheaper to run. And the final reason is that, sadly, some people have been attempting to buck the system to find ways of avoiding paying what they owe.

So as of Monday 5th February all black and white printing and all copying will be charged at 5p per side. It's not perfect, but hopefully it's a little fairer than the current system.

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