Monday, 8 January 2007

Farewell Monday evenings

Sadly the library will now be closing at 5pm on Mondays. This is because the member of library staff who is working late comes in late and with just three of us we don't have enough bodies to cover mornings in case of holidays, sickness and (the most likely scenario) one of us being out at meetings. It just takes one to be at a meeting and one to be on leave to have no one in the library - or, as happened recently, two of us off sick!

I'd always rather offer hours I can guarantee to cover, rather than opening and closing at short notice. So, painful as it is, hopefully lopping off an evening will ensure that we can offer a full service for the rest of the week.

The library will continue to stay open until 7pm every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Fridays we close at 4.30pm.

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